Cryptocurrency Trading course

 Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass course

  • How to acquire & trade Bitcoin and Ether
  • The perks of blockchain technology
  • The drawbacks of blockchain technology
  • What is Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • What is Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
  • How are Initial Coin Offerings Problematic
  • What Ethereum Wallets do we have
  • How to create and use an Ethereum wallet
  • Learn how to use the Ethereum most important website -> Etherscan
  • How to set up your Metamask
  • What is a hardware wallet called Trezor
  • How to use Trezor Screenshare
  • Ethereum fees explained -> Gas & Gwei
  • Sending a transaction screen is
  • How to acquire & trade Ethereum Tokens
  • What are Litecoin, Dash, EOS, and Ripple
  • How does forking a blockchain work and what it even is

No requirements needed, even a complete beginner can take this course